0.6.5 - Internet Browsing Censorship Resistance - I2P Relay

This version is the first end-user supported use of 1M5 and is the 'lowest hanging-fruit' to prove out how the 1M5 router works.


  • TOR and I2P are being used on your machine by 1M5 to relay around blocks.
  • Blocks will be simulated by turning off sensors (network routers).
  • A browser request for a TOR address (*.onion) will prove that TOR is being used.
  • A browser request for an I2P address (*.i2p) will prove that I2P is being used.
  • TOR will be turned off while I2P is active and a TOR address request will be satisfied proving I2P was used to relay the TOR request.


  • Demo currently works for Debian-based Linux OS, e.g. Ubuntu
  • Download the 1m5-desktop.deb when available.
  • You must have sudo/root access.
  • It only requires about 200 Mb of disk space to install.
  • It uses ~30 threads and 650MB of memory for this version.
  • Two PCs each with TOR installed.
  • Raspberry Pi can not be used with the desktop version (only headless versions - which doesn't satisfy the requirements for this demo).

Installation (Ubuntu)

  1. Both machines follow these directions
  2. Make sure you have internet access - cellular or WiFi
  3. Install and start TOR:
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get install tor
    $ tor
  4. Install and start 1M5 Desktop (Not yet available)
    $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:objectorange/1m5
    $ sudo apt-get install 1m5-desktop
    $ 1m5
  5. Give it about 10-20 minutes the first time started for I2P to build up its network. After that, fresh starts need not wait.


  1. The splash screen slowly fades away leaving you with the desktop
  2. Click on Ops in the upper-most menu
  3. Click on Network in the next menu down
  4. You should see 1M5 network running status
  5. Click on TOR menu
  6. You should see TOR with Network Connected status
  7. Click on I2P menu
  8. You should see I2P with Network Connected status
  9. Click on Public at the upper-most menu
  10. Click on Browser at the next menu down
  11. You should see the 1M5 site locally at: 1m5://1m5.1m5


  1. Place a TOR onion site address in the URL box and hit Enter Key or click Go. A well-known site is Facebook's: https://facebookcorewwwi.onion. Verify the site comes up
  2. Go to Ops/Network/TOR and turn off the TOR sensor
  3. Verify status changed to Shutdown
  4. Go back to Public/Browser and enter a different TOR onion address in the URL box, hit Enter, and verify the site comes up
0.6.6 - Internet Browsing Censorship Resistance - TOR Relay

Same as 0.6.5 except replace TOR with I2P to verify TOR is routing around I2P blocks.

0.6.8 - Internet Browsing Censorship Resistance - Bluetooth Relay

Same as 0.6.5 and 0.6.6 except test Bluetooth for relaying when both TOR and I2P are blocked.

0.7.0 - Messenger Censorship Resistance - Relaying

Verify Messenger gets through regardless if TOR or I2P or both are blocked.



1M5 is an open source project powered by volunteers, bounties and gifts. In the spirit of open source and censorship resistance, this mission has opted to create 1M5 without the demands or influence of investors nor governments.

Gift to the 1M5 Development Fund

If you support this project and are in a position to help that would be wonderful. Please request a bitcoin address using a contact method below.

Gifts to 1M5 are not tax deductible as it is not formally registered in any jurisdiction. By gifting Bitcoin to the 1M5 gifting wallet, you will be helping 1M5 pay for our direct costs like web hosting, domain names, outsourced work, bounties, and so on. If you wish to support it anonymously, it is recommended to use Bisq as it uses TOR and using a source of Bitcoin that doesn't have your identity attached to it.
Get in Touch

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you can think of other ways you can help with the 1M5 project.

Following email addresses are prioritized starting with highest privacy.

1m5@1m5.1m5 (Requires 1M5 router installed)

1m5@mail.i2p (Requires I2P router installed) (I2P router as Email server) (Protonmail is provider) PGP: 948E A2E2 C194 AB3C A225 605B 963F 6331 C29F 2342